F-2 6S

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By today’s standards, this is perhaps the ugliest cigar on the face of the earth. But step back in time to when Columbus first landed in what is today Cuba and enjoy what he and his sailors undoubtedly smoked. The New World provided fascinating news and sailors brought items back to Europe. One such item was the cigar, and it created a fad that eventually turned into a lifestyle. The F-2 6S has a nice hint of vanilla and a velvety texture. It sports a very light draw (maybe too light for some) and is very light on the pallet. There is an expected irregular burn that is easily solved by a relight midway through the smoke. Ashy. A perfect cigar for the beginner as well as the pro. Smoker’s Note: I found it to be an ideal outdoor smoke and perfect company for the hunting lodge and when doing yard work.

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