Cigar Packaging

6 Feb. 2014

Did you know that several centuries ago, cigars used to be packed in bundles and covered with pig’s bladders? And that was how the NFL was founded…Just kidding…. As you might imagine the odor was quite strong and they used pods of Vanilla to enhance the aroma. This practice was abandoned in favour of large cedar chests that could hold thousands of cigars. It was discovered that the use of cedarwood helps delay the drying out process and actually enhances maturing of cigars. The bank of H.Upmann, yes they were a bank first, decided in 1830 to send cigars to their Senior staff in London, in small cedarwood boxes stamped with the bank’s symbol. H.Upmann decided to diversify into the cigar business and soon the branding of cigars and their boxes had begun with many cigar makers from Havana following suit to help to market their products.