The Dominican Republic

25 Aug. 2014

Previously ruled by a mixture of Spanish and French, the Dominican Republic occupies two-thirds (2/3) of the Island of Hispaniola. Throughout its unstable of the constants has been the cultivation and growing of tobacco used for the manufacturing and exporting of premium cigars. the Dominican has been ruled by a number of Dictators over […]

Cigar Packaging

6 Feb. 2014

Did you know that several centuries ago, cigars used to be packed in bundles and covered with pig’s bladders? And that was how the NFL was founded…Just kidding…. As you might imagine the odor was quite strong and they used pods of Vanilla to enhance the aroma. This practice was abandoned in favour of large […]

Prevent Cracked and Unraveling Wrappers

7 Oct. 2013

Anyone who has smoked a cigar knows there’s nothing worse than a cracked or unraveling wrapper! Here is what you need to know to prevent this from happening. The Causes 1. Cigar is too dry 2. Too much taken off when cutting the cigar The Solutions 1. Keep your cigars at 68-72% humidity. If the […]

And More Taxes

22 Sep. 2012

Apparently, for our money hungry goverment, the April 2009 900% increase in taxes on cigars was not sufficient.   It has certainly been in the news that on July 1st, 2012 cigarette taxes are increasing by over 100% from $0.98 to $1.00 (   However, in addition to the increase in cigarette taxes, there was a significant […]

Nasty, Rotten, Cigar Killing Creatures!

21 Apr. 2009

No, this has nothing to do with the lying political class discussed in the last post. Some parallels can be made with the topic of today, but I’ll let you make those connections. It’s April 21 in northeast Wisconsin and we have an inch of snow on the ground. The threat of a late snow […]

More Taxes!

2 Apr. 2009

Now at your local tobacconist: MORE TAXES!!!!! To be more precise there is a new Federal cigar tax being levied on all cigars. Relax, it’s only a 900% increase. 40.29 cents per stick is now what you will need to pay to enjoy your lifestyle. And that’s just the Fed’s confiscation; the states are piling […]

Winter Care of Cigars

21 Feb. 2009

Every year we get questions about our customer’s cigars drying out during the winter months. There are a few causes for this and fortunately the fixes are simple. Ambient humidity levels are much lower, at least in the northern Midwest, during the winter. Cigars kept in your carrying case and even your humidor are apt […]

FREE SHIPPING! See how to qualify!

13 Dec. 2008

FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the United States on orders over $150! FREE 2nd DAY AIR to anywhere in the US on orders over $250! FREE NEXT DAY to anywhre in the US on orders over $500!

A Big Debate – The Proper Cutting of Your Cigar

10 Dec. 2006

We all have our favorite way of snipping the ends of our cigars. Is there really a right way or wrong way? Does one method over another provide better smoking characteristics? Or is it all snobbery and just an upgrade from biting the end off the cigar like western heroes of an age gone by […]